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Dreams: Mountains of (Basketball) Victory

I remember the huge green slope–a long, high, mountain side, green. So green. I was trying to take a picture, to show my friends…It was perhaps many miles higher than the surrounding forested hills. I could see beautiful ranges of trees, vibrant deep green with leaves. But I was up so high, above treeline. Healthy green grass carpetted the hillside, and streched…so far, down, over all the shoulders of the mountain. The horizon was a far, far curving peripheral line. And all around, such beautiful grassy slope. So high.

Then, or before…sometime in the sleep realm, also: basketball players, teams in uniform. One team, in purple/fusia and grey. The other, yellow and red/orange. Tall, professional. They all played with uniform-matched square back-packs. And on a fast break, the pass; only two guys ahead of all. Tall. Both seven-footers, or so…and both the stars of each team perhaps. Huge captains. One, the guy on offense, for the purple team, had dark black/brown hair long enough to whip, over his ears, perhaps he could have got it in a ponytail. The other had blonde hair, similar length. Both, stubble bearded, in their colours. And they were playing hard! Bodying up, boxing out, pressing in and wrestling. They didn’t have backpacks, that I could see. Purple-grey bro protected the ball, swinging and moving, elbows up, drop-stepping. The blonde guy wrapped his arms around the both of other’s, in a squeezing grasp, to foul, to try to prevent his shot. But somehow the dark haired guy managed to swing the ball through, extend, and lay the ball up, into the hoop! And then, close up, the two men hugged and continued their pressing passionate embrace, face against face, cheek to cheek, squeezing, eyes-closed in such a deep high ecstacy! It was beyond sexual. The embrace of warriors battling all-out, 100% exertion. Iron sharpens iron, red hot passion. As David said of Jonathon, “Your Love to me has been better than that of a woman.”

Something, in the exertion, the challenge and wrestle…

Jacob, no–Israel, wrestled with God (Jesus, The Angel of YHWH…), all night, and even injured, clung to Him and wouldn’t let go, until He blessed the him…

May we go ALL OUT, ALL IN, 100%…

The Hockey Player Who Forgave

Imagine Sidney Crosby, or Connor McDavid (–if you’re not into hockey, imagine someone doing their favorite thang, which is yours too!), and they get injured. The hit was not an accident. It was intentional, illegal, and dirty. Perhaps it was even a series of attacks.

Imagine that hit causes pain, even injury, and set-back–perhaps weeks, months…

The referee seems to have missed it. The league has dismissed it, maybe even denied it; for some unknown reason, almost everyone seems to have overlooked that nasty treatment! Maybe a few other players try to console him a bit…Yet they urge him to get back in the game, “Come on, we need ya!”

Now imagine that injured player, perhaps not only for his own revenge, or a sense of justice–but also for ‘loftier, nobler reasons’, “to ensure that the attack doesn’t happen again–to anyone”–Imagine he pursues formal complaint, and even legal action…

Perhaps this would be ‘just’… an effort at fairness and safety. Even ‘Punitive damages’ to repay lost time, lost income could be his ‘right’…

But whether or not these efforts of rebuke and rectifying bring apology and/or retribution…

IMAGINE…that our hockey player, for the remainder of the year, and the years to come, his whole career, and old age…pursues punishment for his attacker. Dwelling in bitterness, looking in the rear-view mirror of his life and re-living that unjust, undeserved, painful treatment. Railing on… either to others, or just to himself…

This can become an identity. Quite a big case can be built, and with more time, he would be embarrassed of afraid to let it go…who would he be, what could he do? And “What about JUSTICE?!”

Imagine he wasted his life on it; he didn’t forgive, he forgot about playing any more hockey, or ever coaching new players, AND he didn’t even take up gardening…He complained to whoever would listen. Attempting to settle the score, he’s angry…perhaps this is even twisting his memory, and his version of the story and reality becomes evidently skewed…

What would we say to this player? What are your thoughts about him and this all? Is this ringing a bell in your heart, mind, memory?

Which would be a greater evil the worse tragedy? The nasty hit (which he could partially–and with some rehab, perhaps fully recuperate from), or if he was so hung up on that hit that he quit playing, quit looking forward for the next wonder and adventure and challenge…stayed chained to that miserable story, and squandered his resources in feeding that darkness, bitterness, self-righteousness…

SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS?! Hmmm…Maybe. What if we looked at a bunch of footage from his life, and in some hockey games we actually saw that he made some similar type of hit to someone else–or even if he never did, what if he had an attitude that ‘He would NEVER do THAT!” (*sure, maybe he would admit some selfishness, or pride…a tich of lust, using others here and there, but NEVER THAT!)?!!!

I feel, and have observed, that we don’t fully know ourselves–‘The human heart is desperately sick, wicked, who can know it’ said Jeremiah the prophet, 2500 years ago. The fallen condition poisoned all humanity through the original rebellion of man, thousands of years before that…

If I was born in Germany, around the turn of the last century…and tried to get into art school and was rejected, had a bit of a rough up-bringing, was a soldier, then got swept up in a seemingly optimistic rising ideology and nationalist hopeful movement… would I do any better than Adolf?

Apart from Jesus, I would be in Satanic rebellion…moreso even thinking I was being a good person–yet within, always some selfishness, a rejection of the ways of sacrificial LOVE, mercy, grace. I was trying, in my own strength. But it wasn’t enough. I had a limit–and then I would get nasty in protectionist battle, withdraw, not loving others as I would have chosen to be loved. (*using a girl for sex, even if she gets some physical pleasure temporarily, is NOT loving her–that intimacy is only Love in the container of a devoted Life-long commitment…Becoming one…is not for a temporary fix—whether she is aware of it, or being used through pornographic lust…)

Once I was driving in traffic and a van cut me off; I yelled out! “Hey! What…” I swore, and despised that idiot who had endangered lives and given me a panic.

Within a week, I was driving, and suddenly heard a loud HONK! I had accidentally just cut someone off–they were in my blind-spot, and my shoulder check was sloppy.

SO, can we rightfully be mad at anyone?

“With the measure we give out, we will be measured…”

If we are insisting on ‘punitive damages’, ‘justice’, ‘an eye-for-an-eye’… can we withstand that same spotlight of flaming judgement if it were turned on us?

Lack of forgiveness, and focusing on wrong-doing…even if it was for some ‘enlightened’ reason like ‘exposing and addressing the evil, and protecting the innocent’…could be harbouring one of the nastiest, sneakiest lies. To think we are better, is a pride which is toxic. Pride comes before a fall.

Are you better? Jesus said, ‘whoever is greatest, is to be the servant of all.’ If you think you’d never do that–how about serving those ‘loser-evil-idiots’ who are so much worse than you? That’s what Jesus did, even dying, giving his life and blood and sacrifice in offering to God, for their forgiveness–and this punishment was at their hands!

He did also say, “Flee those that persecute you.” So there is a time and place to get away from abuse–for your sake and theirs (at least they won’t be rejecting and sinning against you if you’re outta there! Less ‘karma’ for them!)

But don’t let that ruin your game, your future, your ‘playing!’

“Vengeance is MINE,” Saith YHWH (The Lord God), “I will repay.”

What someone reaps, they will sow, The Word promises–but you don’t have to be the one to always settle the score and balance the scales. If he does give you something to do in rectifying a situation, bringing some darkness to light…protecting someone… Do it humbly, in love for all, without self-righteousness.

“There but for the grace of God go I.”

Pray for mercy for all, in God’s way, timing, and correction…He judges with perfect LOVE and fairness…and gives grace to the humble.

He can heal. He will wipe away every tear.


It’s been a while (“the dude abides”)

I haven’t written on here for years. That still, small voice has been gently leading me to rekindle my wordpress blog sharing. May this be a well of sweet “Living water” upwelling and flowing, from my belly (spirit) to yours. More to come soon…

I’m sitting here on the floor of my room at my folks house in Osoyoos, BC (Canada). The lights are low and it’s Sunday evening. Weather’s chilly, early snow up on the tops of the mountains surrounding this lake-orchard touristy town. I heard geese today honking their way south, I went and looked out my window; they flashed overhead, flying low, right over the house!

Dad’s frying bacon in the kitchen (on the freshly cleaned stove, which was an issue for mom…who is beside me, on her phone, scrolling).

I didn’t think I’d be back here. Two years I was away. Many summers before I returned ‘home’ (true home is in heaven, and my hometown where I was raised is Canmore, Alberta…soooo, anyway,) , helped them with the house construction and other projects, worked…in town surfing the summer tourist waves. Hot times.

Then I went overseas. Was planning–well, was not planning–on coming back to Canada, especially here, and for this project; on my bed in Cyprus, Jesus surprised me–the fiery sword of Spirit and Truth piercing my heart: “Go home and help your parents.”

Now, the house is going on the market, set to receive realtors this week. It’s a particular and palatable walk of faith–and works… Today we extended some eves-trough and buried the drain pipe coming down off the house, built stone steps over that, and planted a new fresh green cedar where the others had died outside, up the hill by the parking. That will help with the ‘curbside appeal’. Mom and Joy were cleaning and decorating…including some re-upholstering with the staple gun.

So amid all these tasks, projects…(you can fill in the similar themes and pressures of your life)…May we abide in Christ, in His “peace that passes understanding,” in intimacy of leaning on Him, listening to Holy Spirit (if you are a believer, God is IN you–this ain’t the old covenant where you have to go to a tabernacle or temple–your BODY is the temple of God!)

It’s walking by faith, not by sight. It’s soaring above the storms on His eagle’s wings. Taking refuge in “the secret place of the most High.”

Many metaphors.

It’s Resting, even if/as we do stuff… with Love (and faith and hope)…It’s the better way. Walking with God within and keeping a Kingdom perspective (which necessitates feasting on His Word & presence…worship…sometimes some fasting and fervent time on our faces, knees…letting go of pride, independence…Jesus prayed that we would be One. Let’s munch on that.

Then our batteries don’t get drained because we are plugged in, abiding in Christ Jesus; Great Grace!


Psalm 127

Ps. Thankful for Brandon, Penny &

Sea Shell

Broken tip belies spiral

inside, a little microcosm

goes a long way

to the top –

in a short, stacked, fan of compact efficiency,

tunnel of Life.

Tunnel of Death -Life emerges from, escapes from, makes, engulfs as my hand engulfs the shell, feels its softened bulges


tunnel of calcified hard built walls?

The Thing, being?


Was, Now is…

Where the “Way of all the Earth” leads.

The opening, whitewashed, is empty.

The Church has built too… Yet, unless The Lord, YHWH, “I AM that I AM” builds the house, the workers labor in vain.”

Made front page news today.

NY Times.  The Life is always on the inside, it is not the form, the black and white which it reports…

invisible to intruders, yet sense, with emptiness, rotten does express like too…

Apple or Sea Creature…  What’s in the middle; Life outside or inside, Form or Flow

or ?

“Francis calls for open discussion among bishops”

The article notes …


the body has some hard spots , some soft… elbows and butts have their purposes,

Knees, brain

It seems the  heart


Jesus, Yahshua

An Angel

“An angel.”  She said, to my “Who are you?”

Never had I heard that before,


that with her glistening brown


Love pretty much at first sight

open -wide open, I was on my way to Burning Man.

People thought she was my wife that week.

Everything was beautiful -even her early sleep.

Canada and Washington

are close -I was a ferry away.

Nuptials between us were informal, according to law; intentional

though, deep, spiritual, prayer…

“El Elyon” means, “God Most High.”  That was where my

Love was aimed at…  Imperfect church had blistered

open wounds and old abrasions -But Jesus (Yashua, as those in the know may say)… always stayed Dear

Perched over my Gethsemene -He took it for me, but my rebellion, sins of my youth and selfish, self-will…

Eventually led to my crucifixion by this angel, which brought me back to Him.

5 min walk flows into eternal Life

Thankfully, Alan had -has, been blessed by Ron with a storage locker.  He had a bunch of stuff to drop off there, in order to clear out his shopping cart and get ready for his shower and trip to Ojai… So, I carried the extra bags (the good strong reusable Trader Joe’s ones) full of his stuff.  Most of my stuff was already in there so I was travelling lighter. We left the main library on Anacapa and it is about a five minute walk down to Carillo, just off State Street, where the mini-storage is.  We started out, downhill, cut through the fancy gift shops, upscale restaurants decorated with dark wood and maroon wine, chic cafes, and excellent (expensive) art-galleries of the classy La Arcada lane, past the fountain with the turtles and tiles (not sure if they’re snapping…) and onto State, rolling smoothly.  State street gently slopes all the way down to the beach, past where the bars and night-clubs are, to where the waves constantly crash in perfectly inconsistent rhythm, rising and falling with the tides and moon.

Ron, who recently had a powerful experience of the presence of God…Baptized in The Holy Spirit, in His truck, is fired-up about being a disciple, walking the walk of Yahshua!  He holds down a job fixing pool-covers, and is raising a son… all the while studying prophecy and keeping up on loving Our good Shepherd, and preparing for his return.  He had been raised Jehovah Witness, and at eighteen years old he said, ‘Get me outta here…I wanted as far away from that as I could get.’  And so he went.  He dove away, into the world, into money, work, into sex, drugs, rock-and-roll, as they say…I was similar, but more into electronic music, less into work and money.  Ron got married, had kids.  Then, just a few years ago, the rains and floods came; he went through a separation, wife left.  He was down and out and humbled.  As a lot of us, he became more philosophical and questioning during the trials.  A friend who was J.W. knocked on his door one day and invited him back to church.

Ron showed, figured he would brace himself and check out old rejected ways; perhaps there was some truth, some gold amongst the miry refuse he had refused.  They were happy to see him but were very keen to get him a hair-cut and into a suit as a main priority.  Wanting something deeper than appearance, he checked out some other churches; one thing led to another and he finally concluded that this had to be tried, really tried, not just talked about; ‘I want to see if this really works!’

So, he went out, on his own, and found some homeless people who needed help.  They are not hard to find in Santa Barbara.  He vetted them a bit; they seemed needy and not likely to immediately kill themselves with drugs; he helped, bought a woman things she needed, took her for a meal, gave a guy $100 and told him he would be back tomorrow to check on him.

That night, as he pulled into his driveway, he got blasted!  ‘Overwhelming Love and power flooded my body, my whole being.  It was real, mind-blowing…Wonderful!’

Since then, Ron has been going pretty full-on for The Lord. He met Alan at Alameda Park.  Ron was bringing ’round hotdogs and other food.  Alan, being the health-conscious genius that Our Good Lord and Shepherd made him to be, suggested peanut-butter and jam sandwiches -a station, in his shopping cart.  That way, it would last for days.  Granola bars and fruit and chips followed.  As well, Alan told him the homeless often need blankets.  Way above and beyond the rugged wear and tear of things getting dirty and destroyed, and/or softly wearing out if well-taken care of, the parks and law enforcement often confiscate them when they find them around.  It may seem that a simple solution would be to keep the blanket with you, but trucking all your bedding, even to the public washrooms in the park across the street (Santa Barbara has parks across the street from parks, which are across the street to another park…), not to mention all your clothes (if you have any more than you’re wearing), groceries, a (hopefully) water bottle, any technology (virtually all homeless have cell-phones!  Obama-phones…Another story…Free-ish~!), any reading material, papers, (and for some, inebriating substance, like musical instruments…).  It all can be quite a haul, sometimes multiple trips, and anything with wheels is a blissful blessing.

So, stashing stuff happens; as well as abandoning it.  Whether parks, police, other homeless people and/or animals, (or regular everyday thieves with houses) steal it first…or leave it…  That’s up to the Good Lord.

Alan, being the genius that our aforementioned Good-Lord blessed, requested a storage locker to be available.  Ron bought some extra blankets and bedding, and it also is a bit of a menagerie of the local drama and community needs; therein lies at the door the other Allen’s walker and bags (-he was in the hospital and is now recovering from some pretty serious injuries, a few broken ribs…He stood up to break up a fight and on of the guys took off -the other beat him up pretty bad.)

So, Alan has his stuff in there too, safe, till he’s recovered enough to be homeless again.

This is BIG!!!!!! <3 Jesus-Yashua Love

Paul and the Silver Goblet:

The Role of Benjamin and The Tribe of Benjamin in Prophecy; Feast of Pentecost, Saul2 ;

The ‘Leavened’ Church -and the Remnant Bride,

and the connection of The Day of Atonement/Feast of Tabernacles with

The Second Coming of Christ in Glory!


By The Grace & Love of The Most High, Creator, our ‘Abba’, YHWH Elohim-Sabaoth, and

His Beloved only begotten Son Jesus (Yashua), Messiah, Emanuel,

& Ruach Ha Quodesh; Holy Spirit!


For His Glory, Wonderful Plan; Love, Holiness, ABUNDANT LIFE, JOY; Oneness, Mercy; Blessings; His Righteousness and Peace; Shalom in YaHWshuaH;

LOVE!!!!!! !

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; it is the glory of kings to search it out.”

Proverbs 25:10

“Deal bountifully with Thy servant, That I may live and keep Thy word. Open my eyes, that I may behold Wonderful things from Thy law.”

Psalms 119:17-18

Overview/Main Points:

  • The dynamics of Torah-Old Testament Narratives, Feasts, and Prophecy pertain to God’s appointed times, prophecy fulfillment, and the revelation/’incarnation(s) of His Kingdom and People NOW and in the days to come…
  • Egypt, ca. 2000 BC.  Joseph son of Jacob/Israel is Vizier (head-honcho-‘second-in-command) for Pharaoh.  He becomes (at least at first, unbeknownst) savior of His brothers; Joseph secretly has his servant plant his special ‘silver-‘divining’-goblet’ in his youngest brother Benjamin’s sack.  Thus, as the brothers left his presence, Benjamin was ‘guilty/culpable’ according to judgment, AND YET at the same time innocent.
  • Joseph then orders pursuit; the brothers are arrested and apprehended to appear before Joseph for judgment.
  • This catalyzed, in reaction to Joseph’s verdict of the lifetime imprisonment/enslavement of Benjamin, their older brother Judah stepping forward.  Judah offers himself as a substitution to take on Benjamin’s guilt and punishment.  This was motivated by a love and respect for their father, Jacob/Israel.
  • Throughout Scripture, Benjamin and the tribe of Benjamin takes on a unique character, popping up in prophecy, it is the tribal heritage of the persons of Saul, first King of Israel, and Saul, aka Paul, the ‘youngest’ apostle in the new testament…
  • Saul, was coronated King of Israel…on the Feast of Pentecost…Didn’t go so well.
  • The early (first) church was ‘born’/endued with the power of the Holy Spirit from on High… on the Feast of Pentecost (wheat-harvest/’First Fruits’)
  • Of the three mandatory ‘Feasts of the LORD (YHWH)’, the feast of Pentecost is unique in that it is the only feast which prescribes that the sacrificial offering bread was to be ‘leavened’.  The Feast of Pentecost is commemorative of the appearance and coming down on the mountain (Zion) of YHWH, the giving of the ten commandments…AND… the people of Israel worshiping a golden-calf during Moses absence/time up on the mountain with YHWH Elohim Sabaoth.
  • The dynamic of the elder, first-born, first-coronated serving the younger appears over and over throughout scripture
  • The third feast ‘Barley Harvest’ which happens during the whole “Feast of Trumpets-Tabernacles’/Day of Atonement/Sukoth’ time in Autumn is the only one of the three feasts which has not yet had a new testament fulfillment
  • It seems likely that this fulfillment will be associated with the return of Yashua Messiah in the sky, with the blowing of the trumpet, when the angels will ‘Harvest’…and the church will be perfected
  • The dynamic of a last-minute intercession/recue/deliverance is repetitive, appearing in 1 Kings 1-4, The Daniel trials of Daniel and His friends, The book of Esther… Usually a usurper was impersonating/trying to take over the throne/inheritance/destiny of Our Heavenly Father’s chosen people…
  • If the church age has been a temporary and ‘leavened’ kingdom, ei. King Saul… perhaps unknowingly doing wrong through “twisting the teachings of Paul” (via His innocent but ‘hard to understand” writings {silver-goblet})… then we have reason for considering that the present outward ‘world-wide church (Catholic/orthodox/Protestant…) is unknowingly culpable, potentially dangerous (king Saul persecuted David)…and that there may appear the remnant, Davidic, ‘younger brother’, who is “after God’s own heart”.  The book of Revelations details these end times saints are described as “keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Christ.”  (Rev 12, and 14) and this is connected with worshiping God as creator, and likely involves radically following Jesus-Yashua, Hebrew-roots and community structure; observing’/remembering the traditional sunset-sunset seventh-day sabbath, out of devotion to The Most High, -not to ‘earn’ righteousness, but out of Love, in consideration of His Ten Commandments.


Our Heavenly Father’s Word is like the Universe; we keep exploring, and finding new things.  It is bigger, deeper, more multi-dimensional and layered, beautiful, and connected than we previously could have imagined. Some things were even specifically ‘Sealed’ (Daniel), to be revealed in the last days.  Some things were to much to write down at all (The voices of the Thunder’s in John’s Revelation…and all the details of Jesus-Yahshua’s doings…).  Some things and interpretations are like fractals/patterns; they have an initial fulfillment, then later, bigger, macrocosmic octaves of further fulfillments continuing in patterns.  The feasts of The Lord are examples of these.

As I have studied and meditated on The Word, Prayed, listened…received revelation, and divine appointments and confirmation… Our Heavenly-Abba has revealed to me an interesting middle-time between Passover and the Final culminating Day of Atonement.  Pentecost.

I grew up thinking Pentescost was the beginning of the glorious and eternally victorious church.  Now, I wonder.  The rock which covers the earth, mentioned in Daniel, originates “in the days of those kings (Last days, a divided European-Roman empire).”  Perhaps the True Church, The True Rock and pure and spotless bride, is a second try –a remnant…

There has been a major “falling away”/polluting during the church age, as Paul prophesied.  The amazing things is that this was known and planned… and this paves the way for the salvation of Israel, and Our Good Shepherd’s Return in Glory, and, by his grace, this will provide a rich and uniting “mercy triumphing over judgment” which will be unexpected –This is likely to be VERY SOON –Whatever Our Good Lord leads you to take that as!  Like the story of Gideon’s leading the 300 though; perhaps only a small amount of people are/will be aware of and on the front lines… May we be, by Our Good Lord’s Grace!


In the latter part of the book of Genesis, Joseph is in authority over Egypt, and his brothers have come down from the land of Canaan to get food, due to the famine.  They sold him into slavery years before, and don’t know that it is him they are dealing with.  When all the brothers are assembled before Joseph, he hosts a feast for them, blesses Benjamin (his younger, closest brother) with 5-fold larger portions than his brothers, and then sends them away with food in their sacks… And… he instructs his steward to place his special silver goblet in Benjamin’s sack.  This occasion of (supposed) guilt is grounds for Joseph to then order a pursuit, and apprehend the brothers, and demand Benjamin as his prisoner/slave.

The story climaxes with Judah stepping forward and pleading with Joseph, for their father’s sake, that he have mercy on them, and take himself prisoner and slave, as a substitute for Benjamin.  This act of loyalty and self-less love is the catalyst which ‘breaks’ Joseph; the repentance and transformation in the brothers has been confirmed and revealed.  Joseph sends out the Eyptians and reveals to his brothers his identity, and bids them go to get their father so they can all dwell together.  He advises them, “Do not quarrel along the way”… all are forgiven, freed, and promised abundant life because of God’s plan and provision.  Joseph even emphasizes that this was all planned by The Most High, their God, who was saving and blessing them, His chosen.

Fast forward a couple millenia or so; Paul, who was formerly Saul –persecuting the early Christian church, was of the tribe of Benjamin.  He was ‘Rocked’; knocked off his horse, and Our Good Lord was at it again. I believe, as scripture says in the book of Acts, that Paul was chosen as a special instrument, an apostle to the gentiles.  Yahshua appeared to him on the road to Damascus, and confirmed it to Annanias his follower.  Paul was sincere and preached the gospel.

Yet…of all the apostles, he is the only one for whom there is a warning.  Perhaps, without him knowing it, he had a silver goblet in his bag.  The apostle Peter writes:

“Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless. And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you; As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction. Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before, beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own stedfastness. But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen”  -2 Peter 3:14-18

In his excellent article “Scripture Twisters”, Bob Deffinbaugh writes, “In these closing verses of his second epistle, Peter draws our attention one final time to the Scriptures and the crucial role they play in our lives. He wants us to know that Paul’s letters are part of the inspired Word of God and that Paul is not one of the false teachers, although some distort his words to mean something far from what he intended. If Paul is blamed for teaching error, Peter wants his readers to know Paul is not the one at fault. Paul’s teaching is in agreement with the revelation God gave through the Old Testament prophets, with the teaching of our Lord, and with the writings of the other apostles.”

I agree: Paul IS an genuine apostle, perhaps even the one specially chosen by Our Heavenly Father to replace Judas even.  Yes, the disciples chose Matthias by lot, before Pentacost…and…we never hear about him…  Anyway, regardless of whether Paul is ‘the new (youngest) twelfth’.  We can be quite sure he was is sincere; from his and early church records, he was beaten, stoned, devoted his life for the gospel of Jesus-Yashua-Christ…and was eventually Martyred for his faith…

Peter warns, though, that a certain type of person would use Paul’s writings to “twist” scriptures.  In the passage, the word for ‘wicked’, in Greek is ‘athesmost‘ and means, lawless, unrestrained, licentious.  Paul talked often about our death to, and freedom from, the law.  Along with Peter and the others, Paul recognized and taught that, “For by grace you were saved, through faith, and that not of ourselves, it is the gift of God, and not of works lest any man should boast” (Eph 2:8-9).

Paul was a minister to the gentiles and had the huge challenge of translating being a disciple of Yahshua (a radical, homeless, communal-living, Hebrew, Jewish, Miracle-working-prophetic Rabbi, in-disguise “Emmanuel” (God-with-us) living in Israel/Palestine in the second temple system/culture…)…into the Roman-Gentile-heathen-Pagan world.  The essentials had to be figured out, and the cultural ‘old-covenant’ obstacles/school-master-baby-sitter set aside.  In the book of Acts, as recorded also in the book of Galatians, Paul (and Peter) staunchly rebuke(s)/exhort(s) the Jerusalem Christians for trying to have gentiles be subject to the Old Testament Laws, ordinances, circumcision, etc.  We are now no longer defined by our genetics, by physical circumcision…all the laws of cleanness vs. uncleanness…  The New Covenant is one of Spiritual implication first and foremost, a ‘circumcision of the heart.’

And yet, there is a strange addendum to the declaration in Acts which outlines the rules for Gentile Christians (so they could be one people and gather/eat with converted Jews…I assume, thus the dietary sensitivities~?!): “But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood.” Acts 15:20

The addendum is: “For Moses of old time hath in every city them that preach him, being read in the synagogues every sabbath day.” V21.

Now we know that the gentiles who were interested and converting WERE attending Sabbath meetings, as seen in “And Paul, as his manner was, went in unto them, and three sabbath days reasoned with them out of the scriptures” Acts 17:2 AND…  ACTs 15

Yet Paul SEEMS to be very against sabbath, and dietary laws, and circumcision.  This perspective has branched into what can now only be called a freelance-pagan Christianity being the mainstream version –whether Catholic or Protestant…  And when pressed on issues of Old Testament Law, all recourse is usually to Paul, first and foremost.

Yet, perhaps Paul himself, if we had a time machine and went and asked him, would have a very different view of what a church should be than what we find generally today.  We have to remember that back then, a ‘Church’ was NOT a building; it was a close-knit group of people, usually whole households, like Lydia’s, who were very closely economically knit and supportive of each other.  They met in houses.  Their ‘communion’ was not a bit of cracker or bread or wafer and a sip of juice/wine…  They enjoyed agape feasts (what we now commonly call ‘Pot Lucks’).  They didn’t have a strict 1.5-2 hour meeting sunday morning; they observed Sabbath and hung out afterward –sometimes well into the night (which ‘began’ the next day…thus, the Acts ) (there was the day that Paul preached at the gathering which went into evening –it says he preached until midnight…So, likely they were gathered for a Sabbath dinner, which, upon sunset, turned into the first day of the week…thus Paul preached for a good few hours…NOT 14 hours, which would be the case if they were gathered from the morning!)

So…  We need to reconsider Paul’s approval of our common way of doing church… Even more than that though… We need to consider the possibility that Paul and the early churches he founded were intentionally sabotaged by Jesus!  WHAT?  Well, perhaps Yahshua gave Paul revelation, yet also a few ‘blind spots’ and a sense of liberty which, when passed along to the Ephesians and Laodicians and Romans…  Led to a church which eventually became apostate… and perhaps this was planned.  “The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.”  Proverbs 16:4

Before you crumple up this paper or delete the window…

Consider: Paul said eating things sacrificed to idols was not an issue if done with faith; all things blessed with thanksgiving to God are sanctified… Yet, in Revelations, Yahshua says he is offended with the churches “Eating things sacrificed to idols.”…  There is a discrepancy there.  His main criticism is towards the churches in the region of asia minor which Paul evangelized…(I know they also match up with different chronological ‘ages’ of the church over the last 2000 years, but, that’s a different topic, kinda…)

Let’s consider another Saul… The one in the Old Testament.  Saul was coronated King.  It was a new era, Israel had their king, they were going to war, Saul even had his victories…  Yet, it seems to have NEVER been the plan of Our Heavenly Father for Saul to be His special and blessed King.  If anything, he was a foil –an beautiful, tall, EXTERNAL looking king who YHWH used as a contrast to teach us that he doesn’t judge, choose, or accomplish as we do.  David was in Our Father’s mind as King.  He already had him selected and planned (before he was created in his mother’s womb according to Psalm 139)…

Perhaps it is not an accident that King Saul was coronated… on the feast of Pentacost…

Perhaps the church which emerged, hugely influenced by Paul, which by the 300’s was distainful of Jews and distancing itself from any Jewish customs, holidays; they changed the sabbath to Sunday (at the council of LAODICIA no less)!  Whereas, in the book of Esther, the decree goes out that the household and wife is to use and honour the husband’s native language.  We know from Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus that he was spoken to in “the Hebrew tongue.”…

So, perhaps the mainstream church is the Benjamin… and the remnant, emergent bride, which will be faithful to the Messiah’s original calendar, language, and feasts, will be like the Judah, which


“Paul wanted Timothy to go with him, so he took him and circumcised him because of the Jews who were in those places, since they all knew that his father was a Greek.” Acts 16:3

So what has this led to?

Throughout the Hebrew Scriptures the cup is often used as a symbol of God’s judgment. For example, the cup of fury, the cup of judgment, the cup of trembling and the cup of horror and desolation appear throughout the Old Testament. Yet we also find the Psalmist crying out, I will take up the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord” (Psalm 116:13). So the symbol of the cup carries with it pictures of both wrath and redemption, of judgment and blessing. -David Brickner –Jews for Jesus

“[Joseph’s] cup became an indictment against Benjamin and a symbol of judgment—certain death, as far as the brothers could see. They all tore their clothes in horror and returned with Benjamin to Egypt.

There they discovered the true identity of the prince of Egypt and were reunited with the brother who had every right to execute all but the youngest—not for his silver cup—but for selling him into slavery. The cup that brought them back to Egypt was, to them, a symbol of judgment and death. Yet, it became the occasion for redemption and forgiveness.” -David Brickner

“Passover Age was a time where the law was imposed upon the majority externally. Its righteous character went contrary to their natural carnality. Only a small measure of the Spirit was administered, and so few people’s hearts were changed.

The Pentecostal Age was a time where a greater measure of the Holy Spirit was given, so that a greater opportunity existed for people to receive the law written on their heart (nature). Yet even so, this was an Age of Saul, as opposed to David, and so the leaven yet remained. Pentecost is thus a transitional age into the greatest of ages, that Tabernacles Age that is now coming. Only by the feast of Tabernacles can men’s nature be fully transformed into the image of Christ.

It is a three-step plan of salvation pictured in the feasts. You might say it is a course on “How to Achieve Perfection in Three Easy Steps.” Well, maybe not so easy! But the plan is revealed in the feasts nonetheless.”  -

Above all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires.4They will say, “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our ancestors died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation.” 5But they deliberately forget that long ago by God’s word the heavens came into being and the earth was formed out of water and by water. 6By these waters also the world of that time was deluged and destroyed. 7By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly.

8But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 9The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

10But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.a

11Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives 12as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.b That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat. 13But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.

14So then, dear friends, since you are looking forward to this, make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with him.

Jesus-Yashua came 2000~ years ago in Peace, meekly riding on a young donkey (symbolic of a King coming in Peace!)…

He was rejected and crucified…Which actually was a blessing for us because that makes a way for our sin-karma-whatever you call our evil ways and fallen nature, to be forgiven and our lives to be redeemed! He is our Saviour! He went back to Heaven… The News-Offer of The Kingdom of God and Heaven needed to spread and be received by Faith… Or not…

His SOON coming in judgement is not going to be meekly riding… BUT rather Kicking Ass! This will proceed after His faithful are raised from the dead and taken up to be with Him in glory… (Maybe including a year-long ‘wedding celebration!’

The main point is that I feel Our Heavenly Father has showed me that He knew that the first church would go off track…be ‘leavened’…

It is not totally off-track; the ‘good’ wheat seeds are growing and the bad/’tares’ are growing up among them.  Most pastors know this.  Yet, as I was speaking with Todd we talked about different times in Old Testament History where Our Abba gave seemingly contradictory directives:

When Jeremiah was preaching to Jerusalem before the Babylonian exile, he told them not to try to fight, flee, or be separated from Babylon; he said, “plant gardens, build houses, get married, have kids, pray for the peace of the city where you are in exile…”

Yet, then when Nehemiah and Ezra were on the scene, 70~ years later…  The message was, “Come out of Babylon my people.  They traveled and lived as a community of people rebuilding ancient traditions and values (walls).  They separated out –persecuted even(!) the pagan wives and cultural ties and practices.  They reintroduced and enforced Sabbath…

So, what seems to be on my heart and a lot of believer’s hearts, is where is the line when USA/New World Order Global-political-governmental ‘Main-stream-Christianity’ is watered down enough that we start drawing lines, forming alternative networks and communities.  Many folks have told me persecution is coming.  Most people think it will be from Muslims/Islam…  That may be a part of it, yet when we look at the ‘Saul-David’ dynamic, which occurred in the time of the reformation when the Roman Catholic Church persecuted what we think of now as a more ‘faithful remnant’…  What if the USA-Right-Wing-Christian mainstream –with or without the Roman Catholic Church, become so ‘leavened’ in their worldliness, and their reliance on the enemy’s way of getting things done (greed, violent enforcement, military and political involvement; persecuting a minority to achieve a ‘peace and security’ which is NOT the ‘Peace which passes understanding’ which Our Good Shepherd gives…).

While I try to keep focused on our Loving Lord, I do feel He has brought to my attention this revelation about how in the end-times, there will be an apostate version of Christianity.  Further, my research and conversations with people from different backgrounds and walks of life is revealing that ‘the dark side’, Satan and the underground Babylonian Mystery religion…the humans which He and it work through, are planning an ‘event’ or series of events which could include (secretly orchestrated ‘false-flag-attacks’ )so called terrorist attacks, economy crashes, environmental and weather-manipulations, even staging FAKE extra-terrestrial invasions/communications…  This state of affairs would allow them to create marshal Law and enforce rules and restrictions; some of these may seem good –like a return to good-old-fashioned values and religion…Thus they may ‘enforce’ a National Sunday Law… or some other things which are not healthy expressions of The body of Christ, worshipping freely “in Spirit and in Truth.”

I feel that the issues I have raised about how the one witness of Paul has been used to establish a very Babylonian and capitalistic/urban/’embedded’ Christianity.  Perhaps this was just what our Heavenly Abba wanted for the initial spread of the gospel around the world.  What now though?  In Song of Songs, the Shunamite asks how to find her Love, and he responds, “Follow the footsteps of the flock.”

I don’t want to be a legalistic stick in the mud!  Our Lord knows I had years of being prodigal and living worldly, breaking (or trying to break) all his commandments.  So, I have been in the world, and it was embedded Christians who The Lord used to plant seeds, meet me and share and be examples, which he ultimately used to rescue me.  In studying the early church though, and Roman-citizen’s reactions to them, I see a very different picture and contrast than with what I see around in many churches.

The early Christians were noted by the Romans to eschew and refuse the nation-wide entertainments; theatres, sports, holidays and feasts…  They were ridiculed for that.  They were well-known to have lived lives of voluntary poverty and service, and many lived communally, sometimes in villages/settlements as time and persecution went on.

So, the things I am led to consider are radical –that the church may need to transition away from organizations that own a big building and meet once or twice or three times a week.  My heart hurts when poor people sit next to rich folks, worship and pray together… then go home –one to his mansion, another to his shack/vehicle/card-board-box…  The early church met in houses, ate together and everyone was involved in ministry or sharing or serving somehow… and they ministered to each other financially.  They were intimate and open enough to know each other’s needs and sacrifice to meet them.  They ran businesses together.

I have met some folks… Kind of ‘Christian – Hippies ‘ meets ‘Hebrew-roots’ vibe…who have grown to about 50 different communities around the world who do this.  You can check them out at  Other groups like the seventh day Adventists “do” church very much like the mainstream (although I LOVE that they generally have a pot-luck~Pot-blessing lunch after every Sabbath service).  Their theology is for the most part identical with modern evangelical theology…except mainly for their focus on observing the ten-commandments (and with some of them, the dietary laws, and feast-days) not to ‘earn’ their righteousness but to honour and live out the verse where Jesus says, “If you Love me, you’ll obey my commandments”…”not one jot or tittle will pass away till all is fulfilled”…and they highlight that in Revelations, the description of the edurance of the remnant faithful saints is that they “keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus Christ.”

So… may we, as Our Good Lord wills and enables, by His Spirit and Grace; HalleluYah; LOVE!

With His Love and in His timing and Good Pleasure, His Joy as our strength; may we get to be part of the special forces; like Gideon’s 300…and get to be like the priests of Zadok in Ezekiel 44, who get to draw near to and minister to The Lord, because they were faithful…

I Love you guys, in Our wonderful Lord and Saviour; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Shalom and Blessings in Him!  Thanks for taking/giving the time and energy to read this, pray, listen…follow Him [Symbol]


There are prophesies in the very same Bible about the literal return of Jesus-Yashua IN THE SKY, WITH ANGELS, A LOUD TRUMPET BLAST, MAJOR RESURRECTION…every eye will see, people will mourn because of rejecting Him; every knee will bow, etc

Our Heavenly Daddy (“Abba” Father as Yashua called Him)…Our Loving and Good Creator, LOVES YOU! He wants everyone saved (and evil to be exposed!) so he has Given lots of time and things are running their course.

I hope this finds you in great health and intimate reconciled relationship with Him…and with others, Nature-Creation, and yourself…LOVE flows in vertical, and horizontal, COMMUNITY smile emoticon. “HIS MERCIES ARE FRESH EACH MORNING!”

So, Yes, Our Creator is merciful -BUT-AND HE IS ALSO JUST. There has been massive Evil and injustice on the Earth (I’m not even talking just about Humans…).

Our Spiritual Enemy (Lucifer-Satan-The Devil…the Evil one!) is about to be bound, judged, stopped… Yet, it looks like we may have some MANOR TURBULENCE APPROACHING before then. To complicate matters, our adversary “appears as an ‘Angel of Light'” (and so do the humans/institutions He works through sometimes!!!!)
So beware. He’s angry and going to make a final thrust at World Domination and making Our Good Lord seem bad.

May this email be “Fresh Mercy” for you; may we “ask and receive; seek and find; knock and the door be opened…”; LOVE, FAITH, HOPE, WISDOM, JOY amid whatever happens! That’s what knowing and walking with Yashua Messiah (Christ) brings as fruit…yet the daily and deep gardening is work…!

At the bottom of this letter I’ve included a few REALLY potent, enlightening, and edifying websites and videos. Please do refer to them; come back and watch ’em all, as you feel/hear/know you are led…

Here is a short synopsis of my research, findings, and what is perhaps coming VERY SOON: a lot of this has to do with the calendar and 3 major feasts which YHWH (God) required/assigned to Israel in Scripture.

Really phenomenal things are going on these days, “in Heaven, and on Earth!”… God said we would see signs and omens in the sky; this isn’t to freak you you; this is to encourage you and edify your Faith and Knowledge and preparedness:
Within the next couple weeks, there will be a “blood Red-moon” (-a rare full-moon eclipse which turns the moon Red…).

This is extra very rare and special because it is happening during the 3rd ancient Hebrew-Jewish feast season (a joyful week long feast ((WHY have I not been celebrating this before?!)) called Succoth (Harvest) smile emoticon

IN THE COMING WEEKS/months/…perhaps year(s)(?! if we have that long?!), The Bible tells us that GREAT DECEPTION AND WICKEDNESS IS HERE & COMING MORE…

Quick overview/Background:

The Ancient Hebrews were commanded to observe 3 main feasts.
Important to share is that these feasts are traditionally and BIBLICALLY translated as “Divine Appointments”; times when God (YHWH: “I AM THAT~WHO I AM”!) meets with “Man” (Humanity)…
Jesus-Yashua, was and IS Messiah; Lord and Saviour (He fits all the ancient ‘B.C.’ prophesies, IS Emanuel: “God-with-us”, ‘Lamb & Lion’; is with us now by The Holy Spirit; and is soon to be, visibly present, ALIVE IN THE SKY RETURNING WITH ANGELS, loud trumpet BLASTS…RESURRECTION…)!

In His first coming fulfilled the first “Spring” feast, PASSOVER. He was the lamb…slain to have the perfect blood pay the ‘debt’ of our sin and save us from the ‘Passover’ of the angel of death. Jesus-Yashua’s first coming was Loving, meek(generally), glory-hidden-undercover (poor homeless carpenter-turned-preacher-healer-Teacher-sacrifice-for-YOU and I…

Even today undercover angels still may show up in disguise to test your hospitality and bless you -always BE READY and willing to Love, Serve, take-MAKE Time and sacrifice to LOVE SOMEONE -Even/Especially strangers and weirdos!!!!!). Make sure they are from the ‘GOOD-SIDE’ by knowing and standing on The Word of God. There is a dark side, some Extra-Dimensionals (fallen-angels/demons) may POSE as Extra Terrestrials…BEWARE!

So, Yashua’s activities matched up with and fulfilled the “Spring” feast; He was crucified on the Passover (which may have been a Thursday…or As many know it, Good Friday…Anyway:)…

The second Feast:
Yashua told His disciples to wait in Jerusalem and receive The Holy Spirit, which happened 50 days after He was crucified, on the 2nd ancient feast, Pentescost (which commemorates God coming down on the Mt. Zion in firey power, to give the 10 commandments to Moses et al…), this Pentecost feast-fulfillment inaugurated the first church (which Yashua KNEW AND PROPHESIED WOULD BE FLAWED AND HAVE IT’S ISSUES/IMPERFECTIONS/”WOLVES-IN-SHEEP’S-CLOTHING”, …see the links below on this! His remnant though now makes herself pure/is being purified!!!!!)

And So, that leaves 1 feast YET to be fulfilled. That one is in the fall, NOW, “The Harvest”, which includes/borders a long collection of days of blowing trumpets, staying in tents/booths/’tabernacles’…repenting…and includes a “Day of Atonement.”
This is all about harvest, judgement, mourning…and ultimately, CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!

According to astronomy computer-programs AND the writings in the Gospels of SCRIPTURE, there was an eclipse on that Passover (33AD~!), the first feast, when Jesus-Yashua was crucified.

He then rose from the dead on RESURRECTION ‘SONDAY’! After showing Himself ALIVE AND WELL to many disciples (500~ eye-witnesses), He ascended into Heaven. It must be underscored and emphasized that He promised to return as He exited; VIA ‘IN THE SKY’, with angels, etc…

The is important because He also warned that many would try to take His place, even impersonating Him, claiming to be Him, having people bow down to them because they have put themselves in His place…
SO, head’s UP!!!!!

Scripture talks about a Rapture, a quick separation where the “faithful ones who are His ‘ready’ Bride…described as ‘wise-virgins’. These folks are Believers; Holy-Spirit-filled-led, lawful~Loving, ‘hoping in Him’, reconciled and Intimate with Him, “known” by Him, “following His commandments”) ‘church’ is “caught up with Him in the clouds”…
Now, nobody’s perfect yet…but these folks are Endeavouring to walk His narrow WAY…well, read the list above again…they are not living “Worldy” in sensuality, for this 70-80~year long life and pleasures and selfish time on earth…they are also not trusting in their own righteousness/meditation/’spiritual-practice’, culture, etc to get them to Heaven…They are “saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ” and striving to live for Him and grow in discipleship…

There may be some/a bunch of(?!) ‘Lukewarm’ worldy ‘foolish virgins’ folks left behind that have to go through the tribulation period; the ‘Wrathful punishment of The Wicked’, and maybe (HOPEFULLY, by Our Good-Shepherd’s Grace and mercy, and The INTERCESSION of The Bride…) they and others below will repent/reform KEEP FAITH, LOVE, HOPE -maybe even die for their Faith during this time…and will join up later with the blessed Bride folks who, like Noah, got in the ark and escaped the FLOOD!

Again, the whole world was destroyed with a great flood about 4,000 years ago…see links below and/or youtube it… ).
The world was once destroyed by water.
Our Good Lord had good reasons for that; the wickedness around then was… Well, ok, watch the “fuel project-know your enemy” link below… It was&IS part of His compassion to halt fallen Humanity…

After the flood, God promised He would never destroy the world with water again, and put the rainbow in the sky (indicating there had been a major change in atmosphere…)

Fire though, is Promised, prophesied; apparently things are going to get VERY turbulent and more wicked and then THE EARTH WILL BE CLEANSED.

May ALL be saved; may we ‘cleanse’ first, in Jesus-Yashua’s refining Fire of Love, Grace, dying-to-sin-and-self … So “we may escape what is to come,” the wrathful Fire and the time of trial…”and be accounted worthy to stand before the Son of Man.” We are told to pray that!
So pray for that!
And take action… Even if this week/month/year is not the return of Our Good Shepherd and Lord, IMAGINE AND THINK ABOUT how you would live if it was. How would you live TODAY, if you knew Jesus-Yashua was returning TODAY…Tomorrow… He commanded that we FORGIVE EVERYONE FROM OUR HEARTS… Have you forgiven everyone in your hearts?
He will say, “Whatever you did to the least of these (people, poor, needy, disciples, our brothers, sisters, neighbours, perhaps even ENEMIES(?!), people across the globe…?!) YOU DID TO ME.” How are you with sharing, hospitality, resources…? “Where your treasure is, there your heart(Life-source) will be also!” INVEST ETERNALLY smile emoticon heart emoticon !!!

Meditate on these commands of extreme LOVE, meditate on Him, Our Good Lord, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Daily!

Pray daily, study His Word, which is His Love-letter/instructions/Brilliant DEEP WONDERFUL WORK -Best-Selling-Most-Printed Book ever… Find Out why~! smile emoticon
Seek wisdom, Truth, Fulfillment; we are made…for a relationship with Our Maker! heart emoticon

Now, I will say that this celestial (astronomical) phenomenon should NOT be the main impetus for Our being “Born again”, “Born of The Spirit”… Yet, I’m telling you, it may serve valuably as a warning/fire under our butts!
This blood-moon is part of a very rare and SEMETRICAL pattern (pattern implies Laws ‘Natural ‘Pure-Principles’; Creator, Order, etc!)… This pattern of eclipses has a beginning which was a few years back, and we are around the smack-dab middle bull’s eye, and the last one is in 7 years I think…
This won’t happen again for (well, maybe ever, but as far as astronomy programs go, many hundreds of years, it is very rare -and when it has happened before, THOSE DATES LINE UP WITH MAJOR EVENTS REGARDING ISRAEL.

Shalom in Yashua-Jesus; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Love;

May you know how much you are Loved!!!!!

Please keep me and all in prayer;

I’m ‘on-mission’/Sabbatical, by His Grace and Spirit, in Santa Barbara… I’m researching and learning, growing in and towards Our Most High Loving Creator, lots more to go; very humbling, and wonderful and exciting; ABUNDANT LIFE!!!!! I’ll include below some of the best, most important websites and info EVER! I hope you can benefit from my many many hours and days; here is the cream of the crop to bless you!

THIS site has a couple short videos which detail clearly the GOOD (GREAT) NEWS OF JESUS-YASHUA-Our Heavenly Father’s Love and Plan of Salvation:

Noah’s Ark:

Study The Word for YOURSELF: great site for Bible study: (scroll down for commentary):

Now THE HEAVY: THE WARNING; tough medicine, ABOUT the Great Deception Coming (could be a bit later than these dates…maybe a week-or year?! Off?! Yet IMPORTANT!!!!!! rough but Good-News:…

Here is a BEAUTIFUL AMAZING AWESOME WONDERFUL Documentary -Because it’s all about the Wonder’s of Our Heavenly Father, and His Only Begotten Son, and Holy Spirit’s Creation; this Planet, Universe, Life; Beauty, WOW!


This video series details the enemy’s history and ways…This reveals origins and links in ancient religions -The World’s Oldest…and The Battle going on (OFTEN BEHIND THE SCENES:) The first vid is intro and music, then it’s get’s deep and interesting FAST! smile emoticon

AWESOME DEEP STUDIES ON “Where is the True Church?!”…/chapter-1-israel-s-th…/

And: “The illuminati know what is coming sept 2015-2016:……/Fall_…/Sukkot/sukkot.html -take with a grain of salt; yet, some great truth on here…

Very interesting Christian / Messianic communities Endevouring to Live out the Gospel communally, yet in our Modern World:

This is a super beautiful and cute…and perhaps more true than we know, Jewish Story:

“Rabbi Baruch of Mezibush (a grandson of the Baal Shem Tov) once found his young son crying. “And why are you crying?” he asked. The boy replied: “My friends and I were playing ‘hide and seek.’ When it came my turn to hide, I hid but after a long time in hiding I realized that they stopped looking for me… they forgot all about me,” the child lamented. Rabbi Baruch calmed his child and then said to the others, “And is this not precisely what God cries about? He hid from us – as a result of our sins – but the purpose of His hiding is so that we shall search and seek Him. As it is written, if we search we will find Him (Deut. 4:29; Jer. 29:13). But, like the child, we stop looking for Him…”

Ps: this is a 2600~ year old scripture, happening on our lifetimes: “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the great trumpet shall be blown, and they shall come which were ready to perish in the land of Assyria, and the outcasts in the land of Egypt, and shall worship the LORD in the holy mount at Jerusalem.”